• Whack Ax
    Whack Ax is a recurring character in MDickie games. He has a pink shirt and a mullet.

In an interview on his website, Mat Dickie saidthat Whack Ax was originally intended to be the MDickie universe's answer to Bret Hart; he described Whack Ax as a "happy accident" that happened when the model's torso was mistakenly painted pink. He has, however, been supplanted by Brad Goodman as the MDickie-verse's Bret Hart parody.

In Popscene, he is one of the artists in The Underground. He appears as a student in School Days and an inmate in Hard Time. He also appears in Wrestling Revolution 3D And As a Boxer In Reach.

He also has a brother named Whack Oz. In a topic called 'Sibling Rivalry' in MDickie's game 'The MDickie Show', the two argue about strength and equality.

He is the World Champion of Federation Online