Urban Records is one of the six record labels in Popscene.

The label is headed by Bada Bling, and features parodies of hip hop artists, including some who are already deceased in real-life. Their artists include:

Doctor DJ

Ace G (Jay-Z)

Infamous P.I.G (Notorious B.I.G)

Lil Pain (Lil Wayne)

Officer Don (Rick Ross)

Menace (Eminem)

Wild Wes (Kanye West)

Aisha Keen (Alicia Keys)

Matty Mutt (Snoop Dogg)

DJ Iceberg

Plump Pedro

Mack 10

6-Pack Sucka (Tupac Shakur)


Street's Disciple


Jim Redwood

Pharaoh Millions

Eight Figga (50 Cent)

Frank Dirt (Fred Durst)

Kill Em

Short Fuse

Ken Dick

Raw Kim

Jimi Sierra (John Cena)

Mat Showman

Big Question

Loony Chris (Ludacris)

Lee Gent

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