Pee stance

The pee stance.


The Player/NPC's reaction when they pee themselves.

Coming out

When the pee comes out.

The Toilet Meter is a feature that was first added in Hard Time 2D.It causes a person to need the toilet.It comes in two ways,Peeing and Pooping.

Cause Edit


The level of your bladder before you pee yourself.If the yellow line reaches the toilet,you pee yourself.

It can happen either uncommonly or sometimes after you drink/eat an object.

What to do Edit

You should (Obviously) find the nearest toilet or find a tissue (or what looks like a toilet paper roll) to soak it up.If you don't find a toilet or a tissue,you will lose 1 Reputation point in Hard Time and go down a grade in Popularity in School Days.If you pee/poop yourself in the bathroom,you won't lose any Reputation or Popularity.

Quotes Edit

If NPC Gets Peed On-"Hey (Player Name),If you want to Piss on me I'll beat the PISS out of you!

If NPC Gets Pooped On-"Hey (Player Name),If you want to Crap on me I'll beat the CRAP out of you!