The world is created soon Jesus is crowd prophet the Mdickie world is made

Jesus get prisoned but gets safe soon he dies soon people crusfi him soon

Mohammed is born as the first Muslim prophet but people don't Trust him

300 year later people of mecca get srandrd in a desert called wrecked

There far away from civallsatoon soon the god of Thunder takes over

All of Greece and gets to rule the world when light takes over

The year 1028 comes Greece find egege place they feast and fest they eat kings food and dogs

They have so much fun until 1049 world war alpa begins the Greece gets wiped out a new generation begins

1400 comes king melody gets a perfect singing voice a big day is crowd they fest and feast

They have fun until the evil god of Thunder ceases the kingdom bringing a new king

1453 the god of Thunder dies getting Strunk by lighting his last word would be give a Feast

1450 king melody dies not having a son so they have a tournament to

See who wins king nine wins the man with a crucked mustase and evil laugh

A flood happens 80 years later king nine and everyone dies the god of Hurrican e has spoken to us ALL

MOTHER NATURE IS Born too 1600 comes a flood comes and so. Mother nature song is born

1732 George Washington is born to his family that day

1769 Washington is wanted for tress one

1776 USA is made the singing Is made

1780 the tee party begins

1800 cleamuntine the leader mocks the election

1867 Mr gerge Is caption of all

1899 mdickie Sr Is born

1900 mr gerge burns is house killing him and his family the captions find him dead later on

1901 school Is made

1909 hard time prison

1910 mdickie Sr makes a movie as a young kid called popcorn the business

Flops people say they will hurt the young boy because of this

1911 he makes his first success in popcorn he hires lots of people

To do his job people like it and then they hug the boy

1920 mdickie Sr makes lots of movies as a success

1940 mdickie Sr gets married to Kaylee that day

1944 coach Emerson is born that day

1952 the coach becames. A gym teacher that day

1963 mat dickie is born that day with his dad mat dickie Sr

1964 mdickie Sr dies that day only leaving mat dickie and Kaylee

1967 the show the mdickie show is made with good vs evil

1975 whack ax is born that day

1982 his younger evil brother whax Oz is born

1986 school days comes in a new school

1993 mdickie owns the right to the prison hard time with all the wrestlers in

1999 all the wrestlers get free in jail

2000 uncle Larry dies in aguest

2008 mat dickie finds a wrestling company called wrestling revolution

2010 coach Emerson is sighed

2011 chicken head attacks wreslers finds out he Is really a chicken

2012 bully demise Is sighed

2013 bully demise gets fired

2015 bully demise returns

2017. Mdickie wrestling becames known as the best wrestling company ever

December 6 2017. Super heroes are made supercity

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