MDickie started making games in around 1999 and he made games until 2008. In that time, here are a few games he made and a mini description of them:

Wrestling MPire remix.

Popscene Track 2.

Hard Time

Wrestling MPire was pretty much one of the greatest wrestling simulators ever. Not only did you get to control a wrestler in the ring, you get to BE a wrestler! So it's not like one of them WWE games where you just pick from a selection of characters - instead you get to design your character. If you want to hear more jut download the game!

Popscene Track 2 is one of MDickie's final game, apart from The You Testament. Popscene Track 2 was the sequel to Popscene. Pretty much, you can be a solo musician or form a band, and you make tracks pretty much, about anything. You can call it whatever, you can also pick to be a vocalist, a guitarist, a DJ, or a keyboardist, along with a few more. Popscene is one of the better type of SIM games, but really if you like games like DJ Hero where you don't mind if you're a single person or what, I'd play that. But Popscene Track 2 is worth a go!

Hard time is, arguably, one of MDickie's most popular games. It's been played by a famous youtuber called JackSepticEye, and if you see that video you have a great idea of what it is. It's sad people look at it as such a clunky hillarious thing though, it was honestly a work of art. Really, it was one of the first prison SIMs ever made, and it was amazing. It still is one of the only prison games that are ever made! You get to pick your prisoner, and you get stats, and there are agressive prisoners and everything, some you can actually end up killing if you fight them! This game is certainly worth a go.

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