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Mat Dickie (commonly referred to as MDickie) is an independent video game developer who began his developing career in early 2000, making games for PC. He retired from developing games for PC and converted over to smartphones, where he is currently remaking his games for iOS and Android.

The Year of 2000: A Hobby Becomes a ProfessionEdit

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Dickie began his career as what in his words was a "hobby" at the time by creating games with C++, a notoriously hostile and difficult programming language to master. He acquired a special version, called "C++ Builder", which made many aspects as easy as possible; including graphics. He began to make a variety of games from spring to winter of 2000, including the foundations for later 3D games, such as Big Bumps, Sure Shot, Wrecked and Popscene. His biggest game of the year though was Hardy Boyz Stunt Challenge, which ultimately made MDickie pursue a profession as a video game developer due to immense positive feedback from fans.

The Year of 2001: The Jump from 2D to 3DEdit

Mat Dickie Has learned to program games in 3D.