Hard Time Edit

Hard Time is a game created by video game devolper Mat Dickie . Note that this article is based on the IOS Edition.

Plot Edit

It all starts out when your sentenced to a number of days in jail for a crime you commited. Your first sentence can be anywhere from 50 days to 100 days, you first come back from court and start in the main hall, from there your main objective is to survive your time in jail.

Items Edit

Their are many diffrent items in Hard Time and their used for food, attack and other uses.

Some Special items include

  • Food - Their's many diffrent types in Hard Time. Pressing the "Taunt Command" makes you eat the food and puts your health up.
  • Shovel - The shovel is used for escape. Pressing The Taunt Command causes you to dig a small hole that if you enter it teleports your character to a random part of the prison or a random part of the outside world

More Time in jail Edit

Many times you can get more time in jail due to commiting crimes or not doing tasks. Some Ways are.

  • Not Completing Tasks - if a warden asks you to do a task and you don't complete it the warden will regular 1 day to your sentance.
  • Assassult - if you assassult a warden and lose in court you can get arrested for 1-3 more days
  • Stealing - if you steal something from a warden or inmate they might arrest you which can add 1-3 more days
  • Grevious Bodily Harm - if you attack a inmate or warden alot their's a chance you could get arrested for 5-8 more days in jail
  • Attemped Murder - if you almost kill somebody you might get arrested for 15-20 more days
  • Murder - if you arrested for murder you can get 15-30 more days in jail.

Gangs Edit

Usally you get invited to a gang if you have a high reputation. Gangs Are

  • The Ummah
  • Gang Bang
  • Suns Of God
  • Roadkill
  • The Dark Side
  • One Eye Open
  • Los Enimigos

if you're in a gang you'll be asked for money and if somebody fight with you they'll sometimes back you up. Sometimes other gangs will ask you if you want to allie gangs Saying yes will change your reputation by -1.

Reputation Edit

Reputation is a important factor in Hard Time. Having High reputation will cause you to be invited to more gangs and people won't fight you as much. Ways to improve your reputation are.

  • Winning Fights - +1
  • Dressing like Someone else - +1
  • Beating Up people - +1
  • Getting Arrested alot - +1
  • Not listening to wardens - +1
  • Stealing - +1

However to keep your reputation from going down you must not

  • Listen to wardens -1
  • lose fights -1
  • getting beat up -1
  • allieing gangs -1
  • becoming a warden -10
  • getting in a relationship -10
  • leaving a gang -1

Intellict Edit

Intellict is a factor that helps you win court cases. Some ways to keep it up are too

  • Read Books (Press Taunt) +1
  • Get Tips from inmates and wardens +1

Some ways to keep it down are too.

  • Repeatletly Beat up somebody -1

Strength Edit

Strength is a factor in Hard Time that dertimens how much pain you can inflict and how much you can take in some ways to keep it up are too

  • Get Into fights +1
  • Pick Up heavy objects (crate,barrel,stairs,ladder,cardboard box, etc) +1

Some way to keep it down are too

  • Get Beaten Up -1

Agilty Edit

Agility is a factor in hardtime that determins how fast you can run. Some ways to keep it up are to.

  • Run +1 (sometimes)
  • Jump Off high objects +1

some ways to keep it down are to

  • Not Moveing Around in a while -1

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