Epic Talent is one of the six record labels in Popscene.

The label is headed by Harry Spray (Harry Styles parody, albeit significantly older), and features parodies of music legends, including some who are already deceased in real-life. Their artists include:

Alvin Priestley (Elvis Presley)

Colin Phillips (Phil Collins)

Damon Barry (David Bowie)

Dan Fever (Barry Gibb, Bee Gees)

Eddie McQueen (Freddie Mercury, Queen vocalist)

Gay Childs (Ray Charles)

Henry Matrix (Jimi Hendrix)

Jack Sun (Michael Jackson, adult)

Janice Sun (Janet Jackson)

Jay Bronson (James Brown)

Job Darren (Bob Dylan)

Joe Lemon (John Lennon)

Jon Benton (Elton John)

Judge Mitchell (George Michael)

Mama Pearl (Michael Jackson, teenager)

Marlina Turnon (Tina Turner)

Mona Donner (Madonna)

Pete Cartwheel (Paul McCartney)

Purple Pixie (Prince)

Rob Rasta (Bob Marley)

Rock Stalwart (Rod Stewart)

Simple Rod (Mick Hucknall, Simply Red vocalist)

Stewie Walker (Stevie Wonder)

Wilma Euston (Whitney Houston)

Woody Oliver (Buddy Holly)

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